Audi Interactive

Creating an experience for the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

Project Overview

Inhance Digital was commissioned to create an large scale interactive wall mural for display at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Audi wanted to display information about their cars and technology in a fun and engaging manner. This wall mural was composed of eight 46" touchscreen monitors. This would allow up to eight simultaneous users.

My Responsibilities

I was tasked as the primary UX designer. I was responsible for all elements of UX, including user research, creating use cases, user stories, wireframing, and testing. I was also responsible for demoing the entire prototype and experience to the Audi team.

UI Design

This UI design was influenced by Audi’s current MMI interface found in their cars. After multiple iterations of the UI, I incorporated this design in order to keep a consistent experience with those familiar with Audi technology. For new users, a splash screen was place to direct users where to press.

Information Architecture

Audi had a general outline of the content they wanted displayed. I took their broad requirements and conducted extensive research. From this, I was able to collect and organize specific content assets used in the final build.

Experience Design

This wall mural was meant to be used by people of all ages and heights. Therefore, I had to take into consideration the physical space as well. This included the overall height of the screens, and the placement of content hotspots.