Road Trip Madness 2011

This trips adventure took us all the way up to Vancouver. The stops to and from included SF, Portland, Seattle, and Yosemite.

A brief recap: We car camped near Portland, Seattle, and Yosemite. In Vancouver overnighted in an hotel and explored the bar scene. Which I should say, is pretty lively. In SF, we were lucky enough to stay indoors and be able to shower and do some laundry.

For food, we stuck to the normal fast food joints on the way up. In the cities, we ate at unique locations worthy of being featured on tv. Such as Bunk Sandwiches in Portland.

In total we logged about 3,300 miles over the 9 day period. And during those drives, the most scenic of places started near the end of northern California and ended in the same spot on the way back. The drive along the 5 in Central and Southern Cali has the worst views known to man.

More pics coming soon!

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