Evergreen Exhibits

Featuring multiple educational activities that utilize the latest hardware and software technologies. This is scheduled to debut in Fall 2015.

Desiging for Microsoft Kinect

Using the Kinect required additional research into its capabilities and limitations. I incorporated what was learned from this research to ensure positive experiences.

Game Testing with Axure

Axure was used extensively to create high-fidelity prototypes with complex functionality. These prototypes were used in play-testing to validate game mechanics and designs.

Building for Unreal

Most of the interactives would be built using Unreal Engine. This meant games could be built with eye-popping detail and fluid functionality.

Evergreen Press Release

Above and Beyond celebrates the power of innovation to take us above and beyond every new horizon. Packed with fun interactive challenges, vehicle concept models and prototypes, immersive media presentations, and inspiring innovator stories, this 5,000-square-foot exhibition invites you to experience what it takes to make impossible dreams take flight.