May 13, 2015

I FUBAR’ed My Other Blog

The problem with running your own server is that as time goes by, more and more files start to pile up. This was the case over the past 5 years. Many blog installs, test installs of software, and several databases later, my VPS became bloated with directories that were no longer needed. With that, so began the process of cleaning it up.

Files and databases were my primary targets. I took care not to delete anything important – like my main blog. However, somehow, I deleted the WordPress directory that contained links to images, as well as other important files needed for a database connection. Now when I try to login, I’m greeted with the following message,

Error establishing a database connection

So there goes that blog…but, the database is still intact, so at least my text is still there with links to the images. This fun times ahead rebuilding my database and hopefully being able to pull images from the Wayback Machine.