Run A/B experiments of the homepage with a focus on increasing conversion and user engagement. The original design had content carried over from a previous design. The new design would incorporate new elements as well as copy.

My Role

Tasked as the lead, I would conduct the user research, analyze competitors, design, and create copy. Overall, I was responsible for ensuring the messaging was on point with where our brand voice was heading. Once these elements were in place, I would run the experiment, await results, analyze the data, and iterate the design.

Steps to Accomplishing Goals

Below are the major processes I used to iterate upon designs to create a design that outperformed the original by 15%.

Research & Analysis

Externally, I conducted heavy research on competitors and their current position in the market. Internally, I looked at our current brand position, our users, and overall messaging. From this research I compared our company against our competitors and identified product and marketing areas that we were lacking.

Ideating Concepts

Taking the data gathered, I created use cases, user stories, funnels, and content flows. From these, I was able to start mapping out elements that were needed. Working with the designer, we were able to create sketches and page flows. These sketches were then the center of design critiques where feedback was generated.


After our concept meetings and design iterations, I created wireframes. These gave us a better sense of the page layout and content flow.

Designing Concepts

Another design concept was introduced late into the process by a senior stakeholder (right image). This concept was designed and then viewed against the original I created.

This was the original. It’s focus was on product, followed by reasons why our products and services are better than our competitors.

View the Entire Design

This design was created to focus on increasing the visibility of our brands trust builders. This design too busy and the overall flow not well organized.

View the Entire Design

Design Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the final design. This design was tested against the original.

New Sliders

Our hero slider design focused on our brand. The quote from Gizmodo served to validate our brand through trust by association.

Competitive Advantages

These statements supported the above message. This focused attention puts the value of our service first.

Product Navigation

Our main products were given a clean and simple finish. This was done to be less distracting for our users.

Trust Builders

Additional trust builders were placed here. Once again, the focus was on how our company helps our users succeed.

Friendly Faces

I interviewed team members with focused questions on their likes and interests. This added a human element and also gave our customers a glimpse of the types of people our team is made up of.

A/B Testing

My new concept was tested against the original. The traffic was split dynamically and ran for about 5 weeks. During this time, the original won. While this “defeat” hurt my ego a little, it provided me with invaluable data to go back to the drawing board to refine and improve future designs.