Managed Hosting was a relatively new product for the company. When it first launched, there was very little thought put into creating marketing materials or other assets that would make it a compelling purchase. The original landing page content consisted of documentation written by technical team members. Needless to say, this was very dry, technical, and focused on what they could do. Versus the benefits they provided to our users.

My Role

I was product lead for this service. As such, my primary goal was to increase sales. This broad scope gave me the flexibility to strategize and execute various ideas. This included creating sales promotions, defining new features, developing pricing models, and most importantly, redesigning the landing page.

Review & Refine Copy

Using existing copy as reference, text was shortened to it’s essential elements.

Information Architecture

With new content created and organized, I was able to create user flows and lay out the content in a logical manner.

Team Profile

Taking a lesson from the homepage redesign, I included a team member profile. This was meant to convey the expertise and technical savviness of our team.

Wireframes to Concepts

Wireframes were created first and then full mockups designed for additional testing.


This initial mockup was created using various elements found on the website. This was my starting point and allowed me to quickly change designs based on feedback.

Final Design

This final design was the product of multiple tests and iterations. This service did not have a dedicated checkout process, therefore, A/B testing was not conducted.

Design Breakdown

Leading Quote

This quote taken from a satisfied customer would validate the effectiveness of this service to potential customers.

Solving User Pain Points

We identified common customer pain points and listed how our team addresses them.

Clear CTA

Based on the type of user, a phone number, rather than email address was placed first.

Case Study

This case study was a real-world example of the teams capabilities.

Team Overview

We personalized the service in order to build a stronger connection between our customers and the team. Given the types of challenges customer had, it was important to build a strong client-customer relationship.

Pricing Table

We simplified our pricing table to allow for quick and easy reference during sales calls.

Contact Form

This form let our customers reach out and describe their problems. This enabled our sales team to quickly close quality leads.